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Weird Venetian adventure seed

I really should be doing several other things right now, but that's exactly the kind of time I start doing things like this. For those unaware of the fact, Jurgen Hubert, long-time gamer, at least sometime GURPS fan, and self-publisher of a variety of gaming products, has been spending time doing translations of bits and pieces of old German folkloristic texts (he's got a Patreon, if you'd like to support his efforts).

Jurgen recently posted a tidbit with relevance to some of my works. Legend has it that Venetians would come to Germany, find and extract treasures using magic, and sneak back to Venice to live it up. There's more, of course but this struck me as an interesting basis for some heist and smuggling-style adventures.

For something like this, the Venetian state machinery is going to be involved at some level. The question is whether its agencies are directly involved in the covert looting or if they are, as usual, lurking in the shadows doing oversight and mak…
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The Critics Rave (CSM Edition)

My sometime co-conspirator and all-around righteous dude, the lovely and talented Peter Dell'orto, a personage whose opinions on dungeon delving in general and dungeon delving in GURPS in particular carry considerable weight, has posted a brief review of Cold Shard Mountains. Spoiler alert: he's in favor of it. "[T]he kind of [thing] I wish I'd come up with first" (like wasp flails for Peter or "the Crushroom King" for me) is about the best thing one can hope to hear.

I note that I have a link here to Peter's review, which has a link to my notes on CSM, which links to the W23 page. GURPSception!

Notes on Cold Shard Mountains

Yesterday saw the publication of my latest GURPS thing, a setting/location/framework for dungeon crawling campaigns (buy it here early and often). The idea behind it is to ignore the dungeon fantasy mission statement.

Do what, now? Well, let's review the introduction of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers, which sets out what DF is about:

Fantasy is an engaging genre, bursting with wonder and mystery. It offers worlds full of fascinating lands, dotted with great cities and populated by exotic cultures. All of this has a powerful resonance with any gamer familiar with myth, fairytales, and the fantasy epics of literature and film. For that, get GURPS Fantasy.

But something else resonates with nearly every gamer. That’s the thrill of taking a powerful, faux-medieval adventurer down into a cave – or a haunted forest, or a sinister stronghold – and seeing lots of monsters, killing them, and taking their treasure. For that, there’s GURPS Dungeon Fantasy.
So what does Cold Shard Mount…

2d10 Peace On Earth And +3 To Goodwill To Men

It's only the 24th, but I think I already got the best present.

Certain Happy Sorceresses to whom I am married turned up this little 24-drawer cabinet to use as an advent calendar.

So what's in there?

A die?


Lots of dice!

Lots and lots of dice. d6s, d20, and everything else, even a d30. Individual dice and sets. Plastic, metal, wood, and stone. She's absolutely the best, and oh brave new world that has such dice in it.

Pyramid Dungeon Collection Reference List

As I've mentioned over on the forum, the Pyramid Dungeon Collection contains an article ("The Wellsprings of Creation") which fits most PDF-Pyramid and GURPS 4e fantasy locations and adventure locales not already spoken for (for example, nothing from Yrth is included) into a single game world. Here, for everybody's dining and dancing pleasure, is a list of what those are and which publications they're in.

Amadan, Pyramid Dungeon CollectionAmanapur, Pyramid Dungeon CollectionAquaclaro, Pyramid #3/40Aulos, Pyramid Dungeon CollectionCaerceol, Pyramid Dungeon CollectionCaverntown, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting 1: CaverntownDevouring Lands, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 1: Mirror of the Fire DemonEcho Wall Mountains, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 2: Tomb of the Dragon KingEmpire of Thebor, Pyramid #3/41Golden Geniza of Ezkali, Pyramid #3/38Hellsgate, GURPS Locations: HellsgateKunruk, Pyramid Dungeon CollectionSaroo, Pyramid Dungeon CollectionTanir Aesayya, Pyramid …

Painting Practice

As anybody who ever reads what I write here surely knows, there's a new edition of the classic automotive combat game Car Wars in the offing, with the Kickstarter beginning in about a week as of this writing. I have very fond memories of playing it back in high school, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the new, faster playing version coming out soon.

One notable feature of the new version is that it'll contain plastic minis rather than the old cardboard counters we used back in the 80s. That's awesome, but there's an issue. Minis want painting, and my painting sucks. So, then, to get in some practice, I printed out a bunch of cars and weapons I got off Thingiverse. And I also tweaked a watchtower, attached a few TV cameras, and modified it to be a dice tower. Fun!

Layers of red and blue metallic paint making an interesting purple.


Of course, what I'm getting out of this is that once the game comes out, I'll probably leave the min…

Not So Anachronistic

Through the power of wireless, steam, and Gaming Ballistic's new GURPSDay feed, I was reading a post by Peter about "modernisms" in his campaign. One of them struck me, so I thought I'd put on my historian hat and discuss it a bit. This is what Peter says:
Racial Equality is generally a thing - so much so that you get a whack of points back if you aren't treated equally and few people earn those points. The thing about that, from an historical point of view, is that if you're presenting a pseudo-Medieval society (which dungeon crawl games more or less are), then racial equality is, in fact, the norm, not a projection of modern attitudes.

Certainly, there were all manner of ways in which historical societies might divide the world into "us" and "them:" language, ethnicity, religion, place of origin, and so on. But by sets of physical differences? Not so much. Racism as we know it is literally a modern invention. Before the Renaissance, fo…