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Hoardomatic Client

I put together a simple interface for the hoard-building machinery as an alternative to running the code manually in Eclipse. Pretty simple: enter a target value for the hoard and press the button.

To customize the output, there's a collapsible section of checkboxes. Various flags can be thrown for items in the hoard. "Required" means that items must be of that type. "Forbidden" means that items of that type are automatically rejected.

The machinery does it's bit and puts the items in the text box at the bottom, from which they can be copied to something more legible. Just to make sure it's working, there's a little display of the value of the items in the hoard (not including coinage) which updates as it goes.

More or less functional, but it really shows where the limitations of the approach I took (purely random items accepted or rejected after generation, data in XML files). Notably, selecting a small number of required embellishments and any …

Right, Potions

Oh, hey, forgot potions. Added those in now. Here's 200 treasures with values up to $1,000, now including potions as an option. I think I need to add spells for scrolls as well, and unusual items like endurance items and the Ultima Ratio. However, the whole scheme of embellishments falls apart for items like that, so I'm not sure how to handle them just yet. I might just prohibit them from being embellished.

In other news, I'm probably going to build an interface which allows the user to indicate a total value and required and forbidden attributes for easy and customized hoard generation.

Torch. Exceptional Material, Inlay (cheap, minimal), Gilding; decorated with Village motif. $124.50, 1.00 lb.2 oz. Saffron. Contained in Box, Wooden, Small. Fringe (cheap). $302.50, .38 lb.Goat's Foot. Exceptional Material. $1,000.00, 2.00 lbs.6 Bale Cloth, Giant Spider Silk. $565.00, 6.00 lbs.Knitting Needles. Painting/Enamel (extensive), Beads/Nails (extensive). Set with 2.25 ct. A…

100 Extremely Expensive Treasures

These are all over $10,000.

Backpack Toolkit, Glassblower. Fringe (expensive), Exceptional Material. $12,300.00, 20.00 lbs.Lockpicks, Fine. Inlay (expensive, extensive); decorated with Leopard motif. Enchanted with Waves, Concussion. $41,000.00, 2.00 lbs.Barding, Flying Animal. Quilting, Frayed (Lightly), Highly Articulated. Set with 2.5 ct. Obsidian. $11,907.50, 30.00 lbs.Tabi, Inflatable, Acid Resistant. Bells (cheap), Fringe (expensive). Enchanted with Magic Resistance 3, Alertness 3. $32,000.00, 2.00 lbs.Button. Fringe (cheap), Painting/Enamel (extensive), Animate Surface (Running Water) (supernatural effect). Set with 2.25 ct. Malachite. Enchanted with Rain of Fire. $12,247.19, .16 lb.Cloth Sleeves. Fine Material, Giant Spider Silk, Exceptional Material, Scent (Flowers) (supernatural effect). Set with 2.5 ct. Peridot, 1.5 ct. Bloodstone. Enchanted with Resist Cold. $19,175.00, 2.00 lbs.Prosthetic Hand. Fringe (expensive), Glowing Parts/Design (supernatural effect). Enchanted with…

100 Quite Expensive Treasures

This is getting into serious money territory, $5000 to $10,000.

Toy Boat. Relief (minimal), Aura Of Fear (supernatural effect); decorated with Bull motif. Set with 1.75 ct. Lapis Lazuli. Enchanted with Summon Elemental (Earth). Cursed with Corrupting (Bully). $8,261.16, .50 lb.Sleeves, regular. Fringe (expensive), Bells (expensive), Exceptional Material. Enchanted with Force Wall, Create Acid. Cursed with Spirit Trap. $6,432.00, .20 lb.Hose, regular. Embroidery (minimal), Beading (cheap, minimal), Exceptional Material, Animate Surface (Running Water) (supernatural effect); decorated with Craft tool (spinning wheel, anvil, etc.) motif. Enchanted with Sand Jet, Clouds. Cursed with Corrupting (Berserk). $9,882.00, .60 lb.First Aid Kit. Fringe (expensive), Visible Trail (Pale Mist) (supernatural effect). Enchanted with Beast Summoning. $8,125.00, 2.00 lbs.Chakram. Inlay (expensive, extensive), Relief (extensive), Painting/Enamel (extensive); decorated with Narrative: Building motif. Encha…

100 Fairly Expensive Treasures

Getting more expensive now. These are all $1000 to $5000.

Hook Sword. Dwarven. Set with 2.5 ct. Emerald. $1,568.75, 3.00 lbs.Astrolabe. Inlay (expensive, minimal), Fine Material; decorated with Bee motif. Set with 2.25 ct. Azurite, 2.5 ct. Emerald. $2,959.38, 5.00 lbs.Strongbox, Iron. Painting/Enamel (extensive), Beads/Nails (extensive), Silver Plating; decorated with Rose motif. $2,500.00, 15.00 lbs.Hatchet. Very Fine, Tempered glass. $1,960.00, 2.00 lbs.Trap, Mini-trap. Exceptional Material. $1,600.00, 2.50 lbs.Balisong. Inlay (expensive, minimal), Painting/Enamel (extensive), Dwarven; decorated with Bat motif. Set with 2.75 ct. Topaz, 3.0 ct. Beryl. $2,079.69, .50 lb.Spiked Staff. Beads/Nails (extensive), Inlay (cheap, minimal), Relief (minimal); decorated with Interlocked circles motif. $1,470.00, 9.00 lbs.Lance. Exceptional Material, Branding, Beads/Nails (minimal). Set with 2.0 ct. Topaz. $1,725.00, 6.00 lbs.Gada. Fringe (cheap), Silver Plating, Elven. Set with 0.5 ct. Quartz. $1…

Treasure Attributes

I was thinking about what Peter wrote about rolling up treasure hoards, and a fairly simple tweak came to mind about how to handle certain kinds of attributes in a more flexible fashion which would ultimately allow one to set conditions on the kinds of items one found in a hoard. For example, a monstrous sea turtle or giant squid would only have items which were resistant to water, while a fire-based monster wouldn't have stuff that would burn. But the key to making that work is less the coding and more tagging items with the appropriate attributes. So what, then, are those attributes?  I came up with a few:

Enchanted/mundaneShinyIron (which makes an item susceptible to both rust and magnetism)Organic/nonorganicWaterproofHeat-resistantSanctity/corruption
But certainly they aren't the only ones. What else should be on that list?

100 Modestly Expensive Treasures

Going up in value now. These are each worth $500 to $1000.

Parasol, Canopy. Block Printing, Embroidery (extensive); decorated with Scale pattern motif. $702.00, 27.00 lbs.Scissors. Inlay (cheap, extensive), Relief (minimal), Fringe (cheap); decorated with Narrative: Musical performance motif. Set with 2.5 ct. Amethyst. $828.75, .30 lb.Prodd. Painting/Enamel (extensive). $900.00, 6.00 lbs.Tinted Goggles. Fine Material, Silver Plating, Corroded. $712.50, .50 lb.Blackjack. Tempered glass. $600.00, 1.00 lb.Small Mace. Silver. $700.00, 3.00 lbs.Flail. Silver-coated, Inlay (cheap, minimal), Fine; decorated with Sheep motif. $750.00, 8.00 lbs.Vial, Iron. Relief (extensive), Inlay (expensive, extensive), Gilding; decorated with Oak Tree motif. $570.00, .50 lb.Tunic, winter. Beading (expensive, extensive), Fringe (cheap). $504.00, 1.50 lbs.Jo. Dragonbone, Dwarven, Very Fine. Set with 1.5 ct. Jade. $645.00, 2.00 lbs.Buckle. Exceptional Material. Set with 1.5 ct. Bloodstone, 2.75 ct. Malachite. …

100 Very Inexpensive Treasures

I'm running out of ways I'm interested in fine-tuning the code, so I think it's approaching an as-finished-as-I-want-it-to-be state for the time being. It's just the core of a treasure-and-hoard-building machine lacking an interface and various switches (for example, enchanted items only, no metal items, etc.), but I'd need to pick a specific front-end approach for that and I can't be bothered at the moment. It'd be fun to do it for Android, but that's Right Out under current conditions. At some point in the not terribly distant future, I'll probably post the code and some sample data files (though certainly not full files).

That said, here are 100 random items with a value of no more than $100:

Comb. Inlay (expensive, minimal), Relief (minimal), Corroded; decorated with Bee motif. $51.56, .60 lb.2 lb. Fiber, Wool. $0.20, 2.00 lbs.Piercing. Painting/Enamel (extensive), Beads/Nails (extensive); decorated with Scene: Murder motif. $5.00, .05 lb.Toy Wea…

100 Inexpensive Treasures

Going in a slightly different direction, here's a new trick: a list of a hundred treasures, all with a cost between $100 and $500. I certainly can't recommend that d100 be used to randomly select items from this list in a GURPS game, but I certainly can't stop you.

Banner. Exceptional Material, Frayed (Lightly), Fringe (cheap). Set with 1.0 ct. Beryl. $253.75, .50 lb.5 Bale Leather, Deer. $150.00, 375.00 lbs.Hip Quiver. Block Printing, Fringe (cheap), Bells (expensive); decorated with Ruins motif. Set with 1.25 ct. Pearl. $417.19, 1.00 lb.Hat, wide. Embroidery (minimal), Lace (extensive); decorated with Narrative: Worship motif. $216.00, .30 lb.Caltrops. Exceptional Material, Inlay (cheap, minimal); decorated with Lotus motif. $112.50, .50 lb.4 Bale Fur, Wyvern. $500.00, 300.00 lbs.Blanket. Fur Trim (cheap), Fringe (expensive), Dyed (expensive). $360.00, 4.00 lbs.3 Bale Leather, Monkey. $150.00, 225.00 lbs.Myrmex. Fine Material, Exceptional Material, Inlay (cheap, minimal)…

Progress towards uniqueness

Realized I could take advantage of something already implemented in the machinery to ensure no more than one each of various classes of embellishments just by making a few edits to the embellishment list.  These are $50,000 hoards now.

6 Bale Leather, Reindeer. $150.00, 450.00 lbs.Lockpicks, Fine. Inlay (expensive, extensive); decorated with Interlocked squares/rectangles motif. $15,000.00, 2.00 lbs.Clock, Simple. Worn, Fringe (cheap), Relief (minimal); decorated with Herdsman motif. $1,060.00, 15.00 lbs.Anti-Garrote Collar. Relief (minimal), Inlay (cheap, minimal), Fringe (cheap); decorated with Scene: Market motif. $183.75, 1.00 lb.Small Shattersand bomb. Painting/Enamel (extensive), Fringe (expensive). $104.00, 2.20 lbs.Shortsword. Silver-coated. Set with 6.5 ct. Agate. $1,541.25, 2.00 lbs.Patchouli. Contained in Box, Wooden, Small. Beads/Nails (extensive). $15.00, .31 lb.4 Bale Fur, Giant Ape. $500.00, 300.00 lbs.3 oz. Clove. Contained in Box, Wooden, Small. Beads/Nails (extensive)…