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The Occasional Dungeon: Crypt, Ground Floor, Part 2

Here's what's in areas 1-5 on the ground floor crypt map:

1) The room is partly filled with a dense grey mist from a few inches above the ground to a height of about three feet. Oddly, does not flow or expand outside of the approximately 12' by 12' room. Anyone peering under the mist sees a wooden chest in the southwest corner of the room.

The mist is acidic, doing 1d corrosion damage per turn spent immersed in it. It's possible, though, to crawl under it. Crawling under the mist requires a roll against DX - (2 x SM) per turn (that is, a -2 penalty for SM +1, a +2 bonus for SM -1, and so on). Failing the DX roll incurs a single point of corrosion damage, or a full die for a critical failure.

The chest itself weighs 40 lbs. is somehow resistant to the corrosion. It is locked (a straight roll against Lockpicking opens it), but there's a poisoned needle on the mechanism:

Detect: Per-based Traps.
Disarm: DX-based Traps.
Circumvent: The chest can be smashed open though it's probably a bad idea.
Evade: No
Effects: The needle is envenomed with a toxin which causes searing pain. -2 to DX and IQ; roll against HT hourly for the effects to subside.
Shots: One.
Steal: DX-based Traps at -5 to remove for reuse.

It contains a set of six large, exquisite blown glass goblets made of an iridescent crystal, elaborately enameled with tight patterns of interlocking triangles ($570, 1 lb. each).

2) This area contains a life-size statue of a swordsman. Only the figure of the person is stone. It is clad in a suit of plate armor (GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8, p. 34), with padding underneath, a surcoat over it, and carrying an actual thrusting broadsword and medium shield. Anyone who successfully attempts to detect magic will find that both statue and armor are magical.

The statue is made of Essential Stone but is not otherwise enchanted. It would have a base price of $25,000 in town, though it weighs 600 lbs. The armor acts as a golem-armor swordsman. It can't move while it's on the statue, but if removed, it'll "wake up" in an hour or so, reassemble itself if it's lying around in parts, and attack anyone nearby. If someone's actually wearing it, they're forced to come along for the ride. Every turn, roll a Quick Contest of ST. The winner determines the physical actions of the armor for that turn.

3) This room is a more or less conventional tomb, containing a pair of bodies. In life, they were enemies of the cult which built the crypt, and once they were defeated they were laid to rest here so that the spirits and mystical forces of the place would prevent them from coming back and bothering the living. They have come back, but they've shown little inclination to bother the living. Rather, they're simply resentful of their situation and hostile to anyone they see. Treat them as draugr (GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1, p. 12). There are also four statues set to watch over them, one in each corner of the room. Over the years, they've become animate; treat them as stone golems (GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2, p. 26). They'll attack anyone who comes into the room to prevent them from assisting the draugr from leaving.

4) This room contains the source of all the rock-based monsters. It is occupied by an immortal medusa (GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 3, p. 15). Over the years, she's seen a number of the creatures she's changed to stone become animated by ambient magic. She's accompanied by three statues which are equivalent to stone golems and two rock trolls (GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 3, p. 19). The medusa has a gilded breastplate (worth $10,000), and there's $3000 in jewelry, mostly silver and tumbaga chains and ornaments, lying around the room.

5) The last three yards of this corridor past the corner are a no mana zone. The Silence enchantment which covers the crypt isn't operative here, so adventurers can speak here, but spells won't work either. If mana is enhanced in the area, the Silence enchantment kicks in as well.


Benjamin Morley said…
Room 2 with the statue of the swordsman with real armor that animates is pretty creative and an interesting trick/ trap.

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