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So what do these sketchy NPCs have in common?

ST 13; DX 11; IQ 12; HT 12
Mace damage 2d+2 cr
Mail DR 4
Speed 5.75, Dodge 6, Move 3
Parry 10; Block 11 (Medium Shield)

ST 12; DX 10; IQ 12; HT 12
Thrusting Broadsword damage 1d+3 cut; 1d+1 imp
Leather Armor DR 2
Speed 5.5, Dodge 7, Move 4
Parry 10; Block 11 (Medium Shield)
Thrusting Broadsword-10

ST 14; DX 12; IQ 8; HT 12
Javelin damage 1d+1 imp
Cloth Armor DR 1
Speed 6.0, Dodge 9, Move 6
Parry 12; Block 13 (Large Shield)

ST 9; DX 11; IQ 10; HT 10
Hatchet damage 1d-1 cut
Cloth Armor DR 1
Speed 5.25, Dodge 7, Move 4
Parry 10; Block 9 (Small Shield)

ST 11; DX 11; IQ 11; HT 14
Pick damage 1d+2 imp
Steel Laminate DR 5
Speed 6.25, Dodge 7, Move 3
Parry 8

ST 11; DX 12; IQ 8; HT 9
Broadsword damage 1d+2 cut; 1d cr
Leather Armor DR 2
Speed 5.25, Dodge 8, Move 5
Parry 10

ST 14; DX 14; IQ 10; HT 10
Katana damage 2d+1 cut; 1d+1 imp
Leather Armor DR 2
Speed 6.0, Dodge 8, Move 4
Parry 13; Block 14 (Large Shield)

ST 12; DX 14; IQ 9; HT 9
Katana damage 1d+3 cut; 1d imp
Cloth Armor DR 1
Speed 5.75, Dodge 7, Move 4
Parry 14; Block 14 (Large Shield)

ST 9; DX 13; IQ 11; HT 14
Spear damage 1d-2 imp; 1d-2 imp
Cloth Armor DR 1
Speed 6.75, Dodge 8, Move 4
Parry 11; Block 11 (Medium Shield)

NPC 10
ST 11; DX 10; IQ 9; HT 13
Spear damage 1d+1 imp; 1d+2 imp
Cloth Armor DR 1
Speed 5.75, Dodge 7, Move 4
Parry 10; Block 11 (Medium Shield)

NPC 11
ST 9; DX 14; IQ 8; HT 10
Nunchaku damage 1d cr
Leather Armor DR 2
Speed 6.0, Dodge 8, Move 4
Parry 11

NPC 12
ST 13; DX 9; IQ 8; HT 9
Mace damage 2d+2 cr
Mail DR 4
Speed 4.5, Dodge 5, Move 2
Parry 11; Block 11 (Large Shield)

NPC 13
ST 13; DX 9; IQ 9; HT 9
Thrusting Broadsword damage 2d cut; 1d+2 imp
Leather Armor DR 2
Speed 4.5, Dodge 7, Move 4
Parry 9; Block 10 (Small Shield)
Thrusting Broadsword-11

NPC 14
ST 14; DX 13; IQ 13; HT 10
Pick damage 2d+1 imp
Cloth Armor DR 1
Speed 5.75, Dodge 8, Move 5
Parry 12; Block 13 (Medium Shield)

NPC 15
ST 13; DX 12; IQ 10; HT 11
Long Spear damage 1d+2 imp; 1d+3 imp
Plate DR 6
Speed 5.75, Dodge 6, Move 3
Parry 10
Long Spear-14

They all appear on this web page? Yes, very good. You're very clever. Now be quiet.

I've been noodling lately with some machinery which will semi-randomly generate GURPS NPCs. I can come up with basic stats on the fly no problem, but derived stats, notably anything encumbrance-related, which means totaling up lists of equipment weights and comparing that to a number derived from ST, is a pain. I've coded up something that'll select some random-ish (that is, assuring at least mild competence) basic stats, select a weapon (that isn't too heavy), armor (ditto), and maybe a shield (if there's not already too much encumbrance), assign appropriate skills at semi-random levels, and then do all the annoying math to figure out the derived stats. Not full writeups, but what I need to a bunch of random thugs for a fight, generated at the press of a button.

There are some bits that need fixing, more that could be done better, and a lot that could be added, but at the moment, it's almost good enough for just hitting people, and that's really what it's all about.


Douglas Cole said…
How about you randomly assign lots of equipment, total the weight, and give ST appropriate to use it?
Iron Llama said…
The really clever thing would be to start with a desired potential damage (say, average 7 points per hit) and durability (some combination of DR and HP) and have the machinery work backwards from there, providing opponents specifically tailored for a particular batch of fighters.

Of course, implementing that smacks of effort.
Douglas Cole said…
Smacks you in the face like an angry jumping trout, yes.

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