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Magical auto-hoard

Got it doing enchantments and supernatural embellishments and curses now. Here are a few $20,000 hoards:

  • Massive Bronze Plug. Inlay (expensive, minimal); decorated with Ox motif. $131.46, .30 lb.
  • 18 x Bolts, bodkin. Jeweled. $82.00, 1.08 lbs.
  • Small Billon Chain. Inlay (expensive, extensive); decorated with Narrative: Sacrifice motif. $682.50, .10 lb.
  • 13 x Fur, Deer. $200.00, 975.00 lbs.
  • Pole, 10’. Beads/Nails (minimal), Unusual Material (Ice)(supernatural effect); decorated with City motif. Enchanted with Frost. $4,046.00, 5.00 lbs.
  • Stiletto. Fringe (cheap), Cheap, When left alone, the object is always level(supernatural effect). Enchanted with Stench, Puissance +1. $5,035.00, .25 lb.
  • Wrap, light. Beading (expensive, minimal), Feathers (simple), Bells (expensive); decorated with Wolf motif. $696.00, .80 lb.
  • Bull’s-Eye Lantern. Jeweled, Always cool to the touch(supernatural effect). Enchanted with Fast Fire. Cursed with Haunted (Elder Things). $7,860.00, 2.00 lbs.
  • $1,267.04 in coins.

  • Massive Bronze Bracelet. Relief (extensive); decorated with Girih pattern motif. $562.50, 1.80 lbs.
  • 15 x Annatto. $113.00, .94 lb.
  • 18 x Safety Matches. $30.00, 4.50 lbs.
  • Very Small Billon Comb. Jeweled, Damp(supernatural effect). Enchanted with Freeze. $6,331.30, .15 lb.
  • 7 x Fiber, Wool. $0.20, 7.00 lbs.
    Backboard. Gilding. $1,200.00, 7.00 lbs.
  • Very Heavy Billon Plug. Painting/Enamel (minimal), Inlay (cheap, minimal); decorated with Scene: Battle motif. $797.50, .25 lb.
  • 12 x Sandalwood gum. $8.50, .75 lb.
  • Ninja Suit, Mail. Exceptional Material, Thieves’ Mail, Beading (expensive, extensive). $4,500.00, 25.00 lbs.
  • Soap. $5.00, .50 lb.
  • Lantern. Fringe (expensive), Exceptional Material. $410.00, 2.00 lbs.
  • Very Small Silver Crown. Corroded, Silver Plating, Painting/Enamel (minimal); decorated with Hunter motif. $2,731.25, .50 lb.
  • Very Heavy Silver Plug. Inlay (cheap, extensive); decorated with Mouse/Rat motif. $2,400.00, .25 lb.
  • $910.75 in coins.
  • Box, Stone, Large. Worn, Fine Material. $2,900.00, 220.00 lbs.
  • Poncho. Feathers (elaborate), Scent (Decay)(supernatural effect). Enchanted with Pull. $5,118.75, 3.00 lbs.
  • Alchemist’s Garb. Lace (extensive). $2,250.00, 5.00 lbs.
  • Very Small Bronze Piercing. Fine Material. $1.95, .01 lb.
  • Carbine. Fine Material, Visible Trail (Pale Mist)(supernatural effect). Enchanted with Spider Silk. $8,760.00, 7.00 lbs.
  • $969.30 in coins.

  • Qian Kun Ri Yue Dao. Painting/Enamel (minimal), Unusual Material (Seashell)(supernatural effect); decorated with Village motif. Enchanted with Invisibility. Cursed with Toxic Aura. $13,750.00, 3.00 lbs.
  • 9 x Fennel. $75.00, .56 lb.
    13 x Fur, Bear. $500.00, 975.00 lbs.
  • Thesis (4 pts). Silver Plating, Fringe (expensive), Lacquer. $1,300.00, 24.00 lbs.
  • 13 x Cloth, Gauze. $5.00, 19.50 lbs.
  • 20 x Timed Candle. $5.00, 20.00 lbs.
  • Shattersand banger (string). Silver Plating. $300.00, 1.00 lb.
  • 2 x Fenugreek. $150.00, .12 lb.
  • Robe, regular. Fur Trim (expensive), Patchwork (expensive). $1,008.00, 1.20 lbs.
  • Hat, wide and tall, winter. Bells (cheap), Quilting, Fur Trim (cheap). $616.00, .70 lb.
  • 11 x Leather, Antelope. $150.00, 825.00 lbs.
  • 11 x Candle, Beeswax. $5.00, 11.00 lbs.
  • Hat, tall, winter. Dyed (expensive), Unusual Material (Darkness)(supernatural effect). Enchanted with Seek Water. Cursed with Backlash (mystical). $402.40, .60 lb.
  • $1,733.60 in coins.


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