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100 Fairly Expensive Treasures

Getting more expensive now. These are all $1000 to $5000.

  1. Hook Sword. Dwarven. Set with 2.5 ct. Emerald. $1,568.75, 3.00 lbs.
  2. Astrolabe. Inlay (expensive, minimal), Fine Material; decorated with Bee motif. Set with 2.25 ct. Azurite, 2.5 ct. Emerald. $2,959.38, 5.00 lbs.
  3. Strongbox, Iron. Painting/Enamel (extensive), Beads/Nails (extensive), Silver Plating; decorated with Rose motif. $2,500.00, 15.00 lbs.
  4. Hatchet. Very Fine, Tempered glass. $1,960.00, 2.00 lbs.
  5. Trap, Mini-trap. Exceptional Material. $1,600.00, 2.50 lbs.
  6. Balisong. Inlay (expensive, minimal), Painting/Enamel (extensive), Dwarven; decorated with Bat motif. Set with 2.75 ct. Topaz, 3.0 ct. Beryl. $2,079.69, .50 lb.
  7. Spiked Staff. Beads/Nails (extensive), Inlay (cheap, minimal), Relief (minimal); decorated with Interlocked circles motif. $1,470.00, 9.00 lbs.
  8. Lance. Exceptional Material, Branding, Beads/Nails (minimal). Set with 2.0 ct. Topaz. $1,725.00, 6.00 lbs.
  9. Gada. Fringe (cheap), Silver Plating, Elven. Set with 0.5 ct. Quartz. $1,958.75, 15.00 lbs.
  10. Crossbow Rest. Gilding, Relief (extensive); decorated with Narrative: Coronation motif. Set with 2.25 ct. Ruby. $1,452.19, 2.00 lbs.
  11. Burning Glass. Painting/Enamel (extensive), Relief (extensive); decorated with Wheel motif. Set with 4.25 ct. Beryl, 1.75 ct. Onyx. $1,653.12, .25 lb.
  12. Sodegarami. Exceptional Material, Corroded. $1,975.00, 4.00 lbs.
  13. Balance and Weights. Inlay (cheap, minimal); decorated with Wheel motif. Enchanted with Repel Spirits. $2,122.50, 3.00 lbs.
  14. Plate Arms. Worn, Silver Plating. $2,900.00, 15.00 lbs.
  15. Naginata. Cheap, Worn. Set with 1.0 ct. Calcite, 2.25 ct. Pearl, 4.75 ct. Sard. $1,661.25, 6.00 lbs.
  16. Light Horse-Cutter. Painting/Enamel (extensive), Inlay (cheap, minimal), Branding; decorated with Oak Tree motif. $1,140.00, 8.00 lbs.
  17. Burner (shattersand). Inlay (expensive, minimal); decorated with Scale pattern motif. $2,100.00, 10.00 lbs.
  18. Flamethrower. Silver Plating. $1,200.00, 15.00 lbs.
  19. Strongbox, Iron. Painting/Enamel (extensive). Set with 1.25 ct. Amethyst, 1.75 ct. Azurite. $1,797.50, 15.00 lbs.
  20. Barding, Giant Carnivore. Feathers (elaborate), Embroidery (minimal), Lace (minimal); decorated with Waterfall motif. $4,200.00, 30.00 lbs.
  21. Backpack Toolkit, Glassblower. Beads/Nails (extensive). $1,800.00, 20.00 lbs.
  22. Trident. Very Fine, Elven. $2,880.00, 5.00 lbs.
  23. Ball. Inlay (expensive, minimal), Frayed (Lightly), Quilting, Scent (Blood) (supernatural effect); decorated with Narrative: Musical performance motif. Enchanted with Silver Tongue (cast). Cursed with Use Limit. $3,031.95, .25 lb.
  24. Shattersand banger (string). Exceptional Material, Painting/Enamel (minimal), Relief (minimal); decorated with Snake motif. $2,350.00, 1.00 lb.
  25. Float Coat. Patchwork Quilt, Stained, Tapestry Weaving; decorated with Snail motif. $1,490.00, 6.00 lbs.
  26. Small Knife, Disguised. Dwarven, Beads/Nails (extensive), Dragonbone; decorated with Fir/Pine Tree motif. Set with 6.5 ct. Sapphire, 0.5 ct. Onyx, 2.25 ct. Ruby. $4,785.94, 1.00 lb.
  27. Padlock, Cheap. Relief (minimal), Inlay (expensive, minimal), Fringe (cheap); decorated with Fruit Tree motif. Enchanted with Foul Water. $2,175.00, 1.00 lb.
  28. Sculpture, Wood. Inlay (expensive, minimal); decorated with Star motif. $1,225.00, 32.00 lbs.
  29. Skillet. Painting/Enamel (minimal), Gilding, Inlay (expensive, extensive); decorated with Narrative: Sacrifice motif. Enchanted with Talisman 1. $1,815.00, 8.00 lbs.
  30. Heavy Horse-Cutter. Orichalcum. $4,500.00, 12.00 lbs.
  31. Shield Lamp. Worn, Inlay (expensive, minimal), Painting/Enamel (minimal); decorated with Scene: Wedding motif. Set with 1.75 ct. Magnetite. $1,830.31, 4.00 lbs.
  32. Censer/Incense Burner. Exceptional Material, Fringe (expensive). Set with 1.5 ct. Onyx. $1,395.00, 2.00 lbs.
  33. Tool Vest. Painting/Enamel (extensive), Corroded. $1,380.00, 9.00 lbs.
  34. Shield Lectern. Relief (minimal), Gilding, Painting/Enamel (minimal); decorated with Narrative: Dancing motif. $1,175.00, 2.00 lbs.
  35. Dragonhide Rope, 3/4” (10 yards). Dyed (average), Stained. $1,225.00, 5.00 lbs.
  36. Huge Shattersand Bomb. Silver Plating, Exceptional Material. Set with 1.75 ct. Obsidian. $3,540.12, 15.20 lbs.
  37. Thesis (6 pts.). Material (Cloth), Contents (Spells), Obscure Knowledge. Set with 1.25 ct. Amethyst. $1,021.88, 12.00 lbs.
  38. Scale Sleeves. Corroded, Exceptional Material. Set with 1.5 ct. Calcite. $4,312.50, 14.00 lbs.
  39. Fur Tunic. Patchwork Quilt, Fine Material. Enchanted with Noise. $2,275.00, 2.00 lbs.
  40. Textbook. Material (Stone tablet). $1,300.00, 1200.00 lbs.
  41. Pitcher. Silver Plating, Inlay (cheap, minimal), Fringe (cheap); decorated with City motif. Set with 2.25 ct. Opal. Enchanted with Ignite Fire. $2,506.56, 3.00 lbs.
  42. Hand Cannon. Fine Material. $1,275.00, 28.00 lbs.
  43. Scarf. Quilting, Patchwork (cheap), Beading (cheap, minimal), Moving Figures (supernatural effect). Enchanted with Hail, Acid Jet. Cursed with Race Restriction (use). $4,557.00, .10 lb.
  44. Barrel Helm. Relief (extensive), Beads/Nails (extensive), Fine Material, Always makes a faint humming or ringing noise (supernatural effect); decorated with Map motif. Enchanted with Talisman 2. $2,325.00, 10.00 lbs.
  45. Elven Limb Brace (Hand). Fringe (cheap), Corroded. Set with 2.25 ct. Aquamarine. Enchanted with Silence. $2,937.88, 2.00 lbs.
  46. Falchion. Fine Material, Corroded. $1,100.00, 3.00 lbs.
  47. Bandoleer. Feathers (elaborate), Scent (Decay) (supernatural effect). Enchanted with Staff, Create Ice. $4,335.00, 1.00 lb.
  48. Steel Laminate Plate. Corroded, Fine Material. Set with 1.25 ct. Ruby. $2,704.69, 30.00 lbs.
  49. Ninja Suit, Armored. Fine, Fringe (cheap), Bells (cheap). Set with 1.75 ct. Beryl. $2,401.88, 6.00 lbs.
  50. 2 oz. Anise. Contained in Box, Wooden, Small. Inlay (expensive, extensive), Painting/Enamel (minimal); decorated with Mason motif. $2,915.88, .38 lb.
  51. Mirror, Tall. Painting/Enamel (minimal), Fringe (expensive), Silver Plating; decorated with Bee motif. Enchanted with Silver Tongue (cast). $4,687.50, 10.00 lbs.
  52. Gown, regular. Beading (cheap, extensive), Fine Material, Resist Dyed; decorated with Craft tool (spinning wheel, anvil, etc.) motif. Set with 1.25 ct. Chalcedony. Enchanted with Repel Animal. $2,778.12, 1.20 lbs.
  53. Saddle and Tack. Patchwork Quilt, Frayed (Heavily), Feathers (elaborate). $1,875.00, 15.00 lbs.
  54. Mail Leggings. Fine. $1,100.00, 11.25 lbs.
  55. Saw. Inlay (expensive, minimal), Corroded; decorated with Temple motif. $1,012.50, 3.00 lbs.
  56. Large Hungamunga. Branding, Worn, Painting/Enamel (extensive). Set with 2.75 ct. Jade, 1.25 ct. Diamond, 2.0 ct. Jade, 1.25 ct. Iolite. $1,484.62, 4.00 lbs.
  57. Elven Rope, 3/4” (10 yards). Fur Trim (expensive), Beading (expensive, extensive), Bells (cheap). $1,425.00, 5.00 lbs.
  58. Boomstick, Single-Barreled. Fine Material, Worn, Beads/Nails (extensive). $1,176.00, 6.90 lbs.
  59. Baton. Orichalcum, Dwarven, Fringe (expensive). Set with 8.75 ct. Turquoise. $2,921.25, 1.00 lb.
  60. Short Spear. Tempered glass, Orichalcum. Set with 2.0 ct. Obsidian. $1,794.00, 2.00 lbs.
  61. Scale Suit. Relief (minimal); decorated with Triangular grid motif. $2,650.00, 75.00 lbs.
  62. Crossbow Sling. Fine Material, Beading (cheap, extensive); decorated with Wolf motif. $1,400.00, 2.00 lbs.
  63. Prosthetic Foot. Inlay (cheap, minimal); decorated with Goblin-kin motif. Set with 1.0 ct. Chalcedony. $1,450.00, 1.00 lb.
  64. Saddle and Tack. Exceptional Material. $3,000.00, 15.00 lbs.
  65. Thrusting Greatsword. Beads/Nails (minimal), Fringe (expensive); decorated with Scene: Peaceful death motif. $2,025.00, 7.00 lbs.
  66. Trap, Man Trap, Fine. Painting/Enamel (minimal), Corroded, Beads/Nails (minimal); decorated with Multi-headed animal motif. Set with 2.5 ct. Hematite. $1,341.25, 6.00 lbs.
  67. Quadrant. Fine Material, Painting/Enamel (minimal), Damp (supernatural effect); decorated with Lake/Pond motif. Enchanted with Talisman 4. $3,171.50, 3.00 lbs.
  68. Tabi, Stealthy. Dyed (expensive), Beading (cheap, minimal). Set with 1.25 ct. Bloodstone. $1,246.88, .50 lb.
  69. Rifle. Fringe (expensive), Worn. Set with 2.5 ct. Emerald, 1.0 ct. Jet, 2.0 ct. Diamond. $1,938.75, 11.00 lbs.
  70. Small Knife, Disguised. Poison metal. $3,000.00, 1.00 lb.
  71. Large Hungamunga. Silver Plating, Fringe (cheap), Inlay (expensive, extensive); decorated with Crane motif. $1,035.00, 4.00 lbs.
  72. Chest, Compartmentalized. Fine Material, Worn, Painting/Enamel (minimal); decorated with Greek key motif. $1,470.00, 45.00 lbs.
  73. Katar. Fine Material, Spectral (supernatural effect). Enchanted with Wither Plant. $4,200.00, 1.00 lb.
  74. Sack. Bells (expensive), Beading (expensive, extensive), Dyed (expensive). Set with 2.5 ct. Onyx. $1,105.00, 3.00 lbs.
  75. Sculpture, Wood. Relief (minimal), Silver Plating, Gilding; decorated with Domestic Fowl motif. $4,112.50, 32.00 lbs.
  76. Prosthetic Hand. Relief (extensive); decorated with Snail motif. $2,000.00, 1.00 lb.
  77. Portable Ram. Relief (minimal), Inlay (expensive, minimal), Gilding; decorated with City motif. $4,125.00, 35.00 lbs.
  78. Rope, 3/4” (10 yards). Embroidery (minimal), Fringe (expensive), Flashes brightly when its magical properties are used (supernatural effect); decorated with Crosshatching motif. Enchanted with Create Air. $4,262.50, 5.00 lbs.
  79. Tabi, Inflatable, Acid Resistant. Fringe (expensive). Enchanted with Warm, Stench. $4,412.00, 2.00 lbs.
  80. Prosthetic Foot. Set with 1.0 ct. Onyx, 2.75 ct. Ruby, 1.0 ct. Ruby. $1,324.69, 1.00 lb.
  81. Compass. Painting/Enamel (minimal), Inlay (cheap, minimal), Gilding; decorated with Scene: Gift-giving motif. Enchanted with Cool. $4,225.00, 5.00 lbs.
  82. Bagpipe. Inlay (expensive, minimal), Fine Material; decorated with Grain plants motif. $2,430.00, 3.00 lbs.
  83. Crossbow. Relief (minimal), Gilding; decorated with Rowed Ship motif. Set with 1.25 ct. Sapphire, 1.5 ct. Tourmaline. $3,660.94, 6.00 lbs.
  84. Sculpture, Bone. Fine Material. Enchanted with Boil Water. $4,720.00, 38.00 lbs.
  85. Footstool. Beads/Nails (extensive), Casts no shadow (supernatural effect); decorated with Dragon motif. Enchanted with Create Water. $4,105.00, 3.00 lbs.
  86. Trap, Mini-trap, Fine. Beads/Nails (minimal), Fine Material, Inlay (expensive, minimal); decorated with Peacock (or other elaborately plumed bird) motif. $1,560.00, 2.50 lbs.
  87. Water Pipe. Inlay (expensive, extensive), Painting/Enamel (minimal), Exceptional Material; decorated with Ox motif. $1,260.00, 4.00 lbs.
  88. Ring. Relief (minimal), Inlay (expensive, minimal), Fine Material; decorated with Scene: Worship motif. Set with 4.75 ct. Tourmaline. $1,104.69, .30 lb.
  89. Shuriken Spinner. Fringe (cheap). Enchanted with Wither Plant. Cursed with Lifebane. $3,018.75, .25 lb.
  90. Backpack Toolkit, Blacksmith. Beads/Nails (extensive). $1,800.00, 20.00 lbs.
  91. Mace. Tempered glass, Beads/Nails (minimal). Set with 1.75 ct. Azurite. $1,638.12, 5.00 lbs.
  92. Short boots. Exceptional Material. $1,600.00, 3.00 lbs.
  93. Alchemist’s Garb. Embroidery (minimal), Bells (expensive), Lace (minimal); decorated with Sage motif. Set with 2.5 ct. Topaz. $4,281.25, 5.00 lbs.
  94. Backboard. Gilding. Enchanted with Silence. $1,216.00, 7.00 lbs.
  95. Backpack Toolkit, Glassblower. Painting/Enamel (extensive); decorated with Scene: Plowing/planting motif. Set with 1.25 ct. Jet. $3,665.62, 20.00 lbs.
  96. Painting, Oil. Inlay (expensive, minimal); decorated with Sun motif. $4,200.00, .75 lb.
  97. Crossbow Grapnel. Inlay (expensive, extensive); decorated with Scene: Murder motif. $4,500.00, 9.00 lbs.
  98. Crossbow Grapnel. Fringe (expensive), Visible Trail (Sparkling Motes) (supernatural effect). Enchanted with Blur 2. $4,750.00, 9.00 lbs.
  99. Boomstick, Double-Barreled. Relief (extensive); decorated with Carriage motif. Set with 6.5 ct. Quartz. $2,873.75, 10.80 lbs.
  100. Hooded shirt, winter. Fringe (expensive), Fur Trim (cheap), Beading (expensive, minimal). Set with 1.75 ct. Jet, 2.5 ct. Jade. $1,455.23, 2.20 lbs.


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