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More Book Attributes

Yet another "might have done it for Pyramid": A discussion of libraries on the forum got me thinking about some book-related issues, which in turn got me onto my beloved lists/random tables. These may be used to add more detail to texts produced with GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables.

Writing Method

Roll 1d for any text where the writing method is not otherwise obvious.

1-3: Manuscript: The text was written by hand, likely with a pen or brush, though potentially with a fingertip or claw dipped in blood or something similarly entertaining.

4: Rubbing: The text was made by pressing the paper or other writing medium on a surface with the writing in relief and a block of a colored substance rubbed over it.

5: Block printed: The text and illustrations were engraved on a block which was then coated with ink and pressed on the writing surface.

6: Type printed: As with block printing but with a panel made up of small pieces of moveable type.

Damage and Obfuscation

Optionally, roll 1d for texts which may be in poor condition.
1: Smudged/blurred: the ink is in some way smeared. The paper slopped slightly on the printing block, the ink spread as it soaked into the paper, wet ink from facing pages transferred a ghost image, etc. The text is legible, but not very attractive. -0.1 CF.

2: Very poor writing quality: the scribe who wrote the text bad poor handwriting or the printing block had badly formed characters. -0.2 CF, and the time to use it for a Book-Learned Wisdom slot or to cast from a scroll is doubled.

3: Mirror/upside down script: the scribe arranged the text in an unusual direction. -0.3 CF, time to use is doubled, and a successful IQ roll is required to make use of it the first time.

4: Worm-eaten: The text has been nibbled on by insects, and there are small tunnels through the entire work, leaving gaps in the text. Each time it is used, roll against a HT of 10. On a failure, effective skill with the work is at -1.

5: Waterlogged: The book has become damp. The pages are swollen, stiff, and may stick together. Make a roll against DX or a DX-based roll against Research or Writing to try to fix the text. On a failure, it's uselessly stuck together. On a success, treat as very poor quality above. On a critical success, treat as smudged/blurred.

6: Worn binding: The book is on the verge of falling apart. Every time it is used, roll against a HT of 10. On a failure, the book becomes loose sheets (DF8, p. 28).


Shawn Fisher said…
This is great stuff.

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