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Charcuterie Bard

A few days ago, I dropped this random gag:



But then I remembered that there's absolutely precedent for food-based magic:

 So, then, obviously we can have food-based bards in GURPS, right? The best approach I see is modifying the Enthrallment skills (p. B191). However, rather than requiring Public Speaking at 12+ as a prerequisite, a charcuterie bard requires Cooking and Professional Skill (Food Stylist) at 12+; see Ferrous Metal Food Fighting Guy for a bit on the latter. The skills are used by preparing and feeding an audience with tasty, tasty foods. The elements of food in question cost a minimum of 1% of COL per target, though higher quality ingredients provide a bonus (use costs and reaction bonuses for styling, GURPS Low-Tech, p. 14). Replace the initial roll against Public Speaking to engage the audience with a roll against Professional Skill (Food Stylist), because presentation is key.







Gwythaint said…
a Charcuterie Bard would probably have Dungeon Butcher from DF 19 and Prepare monster recipies from DF 15

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